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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 27, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i'm tamron hall right now on msnbc. the pentagon hunts for the person who leaked more than 90,000 classified documents on the war on afghanistan. a live report on the investigation and whether the newly released information hurt the american war effort. >> it became obvious to him and to us that in order to rebuild our position and reorder to rebuild our reputation. so bp ceo tony hayward is out come october after doing nearly as much damage to his company's image as the oil spill and the gulf did. his replacement bob dudley, but does dudley make a difference? in less than 48 hours, arizona's imcontroversial immigration law goes into effect. coming up, a member of the popular group the black eyed peas will join us to tell us about a new song he has written denouncing the law. continental, listen to this,
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calls it self boarding. get on a plane without an airline employee to check your ticket. is this jeopardizing our safety? we are following two big stories right now on msnbc this hour. it has been rumored for a while now, it is official that bp is replacing ceo tony hayward and the search for the person that leaked more than 90,000 documents detailing the afghanistan war, we're talking about that when this hour, in fact, the white house is on the defense today trying to control the political fallout from the release of some 92,000 military documents. meanwhile, the pentagon is hunting for the person responsible, but they're very guarded about what they're saying so far. bradley manning and he is currently a person of interest. manning is already facing criminal charges for allegedly distributing classified video of the helicopter attack in iraq. earlier on msnbc just this
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morning jeff moral spoke on how such a low level serviceman could get this kind of access. >> what makes our military the envy of the world is that we entrust the most junior officers with incredible amounts of responsibility and therefore from the top of the bottom to the organization, we are working together in unison. the answer to this is to go after the bad actors, hold them responsible, prosecute them to the fullest extend of the law, but don't change the fundamen l al changing relationship. >> jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. jim, so many questions being debated right now. what do we know about bradley manning. what dowe know in regards to the investigation and what they're looking at with this young man? >> the pentagon announced this morning that the army criminal investigation is going to head up and started the investigation into this latest leak of some 92,000 documents to wikileaks,
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in part, because they're already investigating private first class manning, who is accused not only of leaking that video, but in addition, some downloading some 150,000 classified cables. now, one of the questions here is how, in fact, could an individual do that? u.s. military and pentagon officials are stressing that manning right now is only a possible suspect, a person of interest that, in fact, there are thousands who had that same level of clarence who had that same kind of access. and if they have any computer savvy at all would be able to download some of the materials that manning is accuse of downloading and the kind of materials that ended up in wikileaks in this latest massive dump of raw intelligence to that website. so, you know, it's going to be very difficult to track down a single individual out of the thousands, which include
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military, dod civilian workers and even private contractors. tamron? >> mik, again, a big part of the conversation, especially overnight when you have so many voices weighing in is whether or not this will hurt the effort in afghanistan. if there's information and a part of the 90,000 plus documents released and the 15,000 other released that could hurt the troops on the ground. >> tamron, here's th problem with that. officials here at the pentagon are extremely frustrated over the fact that they have not been able to get access to very many of those 92,000 documents that wikileaks claims to have. in fact, they say, wikileaks has posted only a few hundred. so, without access to the specific material they have, they have no idea what kind of damage may be done to national security or whether it's going to put american soldiers on the battlefield at high risk. >> jim miklaszewski live at the pentagon. coming up at 1:00 p.m.
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andrea mitchell reports and she will talk to the founder of and we will hear what he has to say when he speaks with andrea. developing right now the body of a u.s. sailor missing in afghanistan will arrive at dover tonight. his body was recovered late last night. he went missing friday after his armored suv was seen driving into a taliban area in eastern afghanistan. he is the father of two, he's actually from kingman, arizona, and the search continues for another u.s. soldier that remains missing. and it is now official bp embattled ceo tony hayward would get his life back, along with a lot of money. the company confirms hayward would stop down in october and be replaced by american bob dudley who grew up in the gulf region. he will be the first nonbrit to head the company and all this comes as bp clears its well in
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the gulf of mexico. charles hadlock joins us live from venice, louisiana. so, charles, does this change really affect what is happening on the ground? >> not really, tamron. work is still continuing on. tony hayward pledged to restore the gulf of mexico. that task was turned over to robert dudley, who is now being ascended to the ceo position. so, dudley will be replaced by lamar mckay. he is the current head of u.s. operations for bp in america. he will now take over the restoration effort in the gulf of mexico. and along the gulf coast. louisiana governor bobby jindal has said he doesn't care who is in charge of bp, as long as they live up to their obligations to restore the gulf and that continuing as we speak. tamron? >> thank you very much, charles hadlock live for us in venice, louisiana. coming up in 15 minutes, maria bartolromo spoke with him.
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green peace has shut down nearly 50 bp gas stations by activating emergency cut off switches on gas pumps. protesters replaced some of bp's localoes showing the bp simpbym in a pool of oil. the company called it a "act of vandalism." the white house is lashing out at republicans who are expected to block a campaign finance reform measure in the senate later today. now, the legislation would require corporations, unions and other special interests to disclose the donors that bank rolled their political advertiseme advertisements. would always ban campaign spending by foreign controlled corporations. the president actually took on the issue just yesterday. >> at a time of such challenge for america, we can't afford these political games. millions of americans are struggling to get by and their voices shouldn't be drowned out by millions of dollars in secret, special interest
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advertising. a vote to oppose these reforms is to impose takeovers of our elections. >> capital correspondent kelly o'donnell join us now live and what are the republicans saying about the president accusing him of playing political games with something very important. >> well, tamron, they are saying that the president is being too political here trying to make an issue of something that is certainly important to democrats in this election season and they also say that because the senate, for example, is working on a small business jobs creating bill, that they're trying to distract from that to deal with this campaign election spending issue. that's the argument from republicans. what this comes down to is how much influence should corporations and interest groups have? can they spend in an unlimited way and this all came about because of that supreme court case and you will remember the president was critical of the supreme court during his address to congress about this case. it is about free speech say
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conservatives and democrats say there is too much concern about elections being overinfluenced by groups that can just spend as much as they want. it is a tough issue for democrats because they don't have the votes today, but politically, they can bring it forward, try and get this to the next stage. they have been trying to get a couple of republicans, doesn't look like they will, but it gives them a chance to talk about the issue and here that's even worth it. tamron? >> kelly o'donnell live for us on capitol hill, thank you, kelly. taxpayer outrage continues in bell, california, a small city that was paying out big government salaries. bell city council voted to slash its pay at a meeting last night, two weeks after the "los angeles times" published the city workers' salaries. listen to some of these salaries. four of the city's five part-time council members were making more than $100,000 a year. and get this, the city's chief administrative officer was making nearly 800 grand. a year.
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hundreds of angry taxpayers turned out for a town hall meeting last night and they really let the city council have it. >> they doubled our lighting and, yes, they're laying employees off. >> reporter from nbc station knbc is live for us in bell, california. tony, the first question i have for you is how were these salaries, were they not made public? how were they able to keep these salaries a secret, if you will? >> you know, tamron, this is a lesson for all of us to keep our on eye on what is happening in city hall. a law was passed that keeps limits of city officials and that same year that same time the city of bell held a special election and changed into a charter city. so, it's operating under a different set of rules. those rules allow the city
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leaders to make the kind of salaries that you were just talking about. city manager, nearly $800,000. the police chief more than $400,000. the assistant city manager, more than $300,000. the minute the "l.a. times" broke the story the folks here in bell. you know, they may have been apathetic before, but no more. they know what is going on and they are going to hold the city leaders accountable. tamron? >> as i mentioned, they're slashing these salaries by 90%, but the woman we played in the clip who was president of the town hall, she talked about that they doubled their trash fees and they doubled everything, in her words. so it sounds that the people there were being hit hard to pay these big salaries. >> you know, that is the truth. and you really need to understand this community is a working class community. it's a largely immigrant community. most of the folks get paid less than $35,000 a year. so, when they sit here and they're listening to their city
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leaders year after year and believing what they're being told and then find out that these salaries are as high as they have been and then watch city officials defend the salaries which they backed off of right now. you know, tamron, what the people here are doing is they are calling for the city council and the mayer to resign. if they don't resign, they're already talking recall. >> all right toni guinyard, thanks. arizona's controversial immigration law is set to take effect in less than 48 hours. we'll talk with a member of the popular group black eyed peas they have a song taking on that law. we'll talk to them about it. one airline trying out boarding at the airport gate without an agent. is that a good idea? we're going to ask that very question. is this procedure change putting passengers in danger? and today marks exactly two years until the 2012 olympics in london. get your calendar. preparations already under way for the big ceremonies.
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will it top beijing? we'll go live to london to see what kind of progress they're making. ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ]
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welcome back. we're watching some developing news out of washington, d.c., where espn reporter and also a contestant on "dancing with the stars" erin andrews is holding a news conference. she is pushing for stronger anti-stalking laws after a man from illinois was convicted for stalking this star. let's listen in to what she's saying. >> i want to emphasize, again, that the vast majority of these cases are not famous people and erin coming forward, obviously, shed light on this. but the vast majority of them aren't fames and you can't connect it with oh, did people on tv or politician physical they trained better on how to be more private will this go away. it won't go away if that's all
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you do. the answer is making these laws more sophisticated and taking these crimes more seriously and doing things to protect people on the internet. >> just a point, i want to make this point. this leads us into what has just been said. as you write your stories and whatever you say and going back to what you said, scott, about your children. this was sort of new and someone said it is, it's visible to the adults and the families that are walking by and you don't put it in an out of the way place or a bedroom, you put it is to where there is traffic going by in the hallway or whatever. somewhere where it's just a lot of traffic to be sure that you know what your children are doing is a good thing. >> back here. >> after stealing back your sports work for the past year or a little bit -- >> this is congresswoman loretta
11:18 am
sanchez erin andrews -- >> thursday and saturday nights not so easy. i didn't scale back after anything and i did the samba for three and a half months. i didn't scale back a thing. >> do you feel like full disclosure getting back with the news show and re-signing with espn, do you think it's full circle or do you think it is what you would have done either way? >> i am a person after everything happened. we found out everything happened last july. college football starts back up in august and there was talk, why don't you just take some time off. no, no, no. no, no, the gators are trying to repeat. we got alabama in the picture. there was no chance that i was going to scale back. and i'm just somebody, i'm a do doer. i have to have my hands in everything. so, it's, yeah, this is just normal life for me.
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>> espn reporter erin andrews. she is calling for stronger anti-stalking laws after she was a victim and a man that stalked her at several hotels throughout the country and we also heard from congresswoman loretta sanchez. they will join us in the 2:00 p.m. hour to discuss this measure, but we wanted to bring you that breaking news. as you heard senator say, that this happens to so many people every day and they are pushing for tougher laws to prevent stalking. the controversial immigration law is set to take effect and to strike the law down saying it promotes rals profiling. tabu from the group the black eyed peas in his song called "one world" that has gone viral on youtube. ♪ i believe there has been an
11:20 am
injustice in arizona ♪ ♪ this is oscar de la hoya and i oppose bill 1070 ♪ >> the law is two days from being instituted and i have to ask you, as a mexican american yourself this certainly hits close to home. what do you hope will happen in the next two days? >> for me being part of something so, so big and so grand in my time period. my grandmother was, she was born in jerome, arizona, and she, too, was racially discriminated against. i thought it was my call for action to be involved and, hopefully, i know that i'm not going to change the law, but hopefully the powers at be will see how important it is to myself and to other artists who didn't get involved and to stand up for such an injustice. >> when you look at the polling throughout the country, this law is supported. some numbers show as many as 65%
11:21 am
of the people in the united states think that the law is needed. how do you make your case to those people who believe it's necessary to have a law, even if it's controversial in effect? >> well, for me, you know, i'm never claiming to know everything about the law, but i agree that, you know, that there needs to be something done about the immigration problem, but this is not the solution. and the way that it's going about is, it's kind of like it makes me feel embarrassed. i actually performed in arizona and i'm embarrassed and feel i'm kind of appalled that this would happen so soon right after i performed there and i gave it up for the state and just made me feel, you know, like i didn't have full reigns on what was going on. and being back in the united states i'm able to get more information and do my part. >> your song and we're looking at the video and showing images of great people. president kennedy, for example.
11:22 am
the inspiration, again, the message that you want to get out with this video and especially with these images that you're including. >> yeah. well, it's basically, the song is called "one heart, one beat" and basically bringing people together to understand the greater call for action. dolores worth is actually part of the video and has been a big inspiration to myself and a latino for what she's done for the farm workers and just latinos in general. i just needed to stand up. it was more of a creative inspiration more than anything. like i said, it's something that hit home and i want to just do my part. if it's a small part, then so be it. i just want to be involved as much as possible. >> we appreciate you joining us to talk about your video. so many people have gone on to take a look at it on the internet and we'll talk to you soon as this law looks like it will take effect. thank you very much.
11:23 am
greatly appreciate it, taboo. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. >> go ahead. >> thank you, thank you. i was saying, you know -- we're having some technical difficulties with his skype shot there. we appreciate him coming on. bp names american bob dudley to succeed embattled ceo tony hayward. cnbc maria bartiromo joins me next with her new interview with dudley. we'd like to know what you think about any of the stories we're covering today. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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welcome back, have you heard? big changes at bp. tony hayward will be out and american bob dudley will become the first to be the ceo of the company. the company also reported a record quarterly loss of more
11:27 am
than $17 billion today and announced it is taking a $32 billion charge to pay for the gulf oil disaster. for additional funding, bp also announced it will sell $30 billion in assets. cnbc maria bartiromo talked about the changes. so, maria, it's interesting. you often wonder if the change of leadership will change the course when something very bad like this is happening and what are you hearing? >> well, you know, tamron, i think the picture that you're going to look at right now will speak for itself because the fact is people are not necessarily believing in the pr strategy today. look behind me. protesters just gathering outside bp headquarters as we speak to protest any changes that are happening. and i think many people feel that the chairman, carl henrik should also step down and that he has also been missing in ac, as has tony hayward. i asked him about that and he
11:28 am
said it was a board decision to stay. but i expect that would be the next shoe to drop. here is what he said about the outgoing ceo, tony hayward. >> tony hayward has done a great job for the company to his almost 30 years. but it became obvious to him and to us that in order to be in our position and in order to rebuild our brand and reputation, we needed fresh leadership and what is what we are doing during the change. >> bob dudley is trying to be the new fresh face of this company. he is from mississippi, he has been leading the response in the gulf since june. he said he is going to make several changes. number one, he will change the culture of this company. there is a measure of bureaucracy and leadership at the top does not necessarily filter down to the people on the ground and such a severe focus on cost cutting that it is
11:29 am
almost cost cutting at any cost and that is one of the criticism and that is one reason that people have taken short cuts. number two, he said he would like to reinstate the dividends some time in 2011, so many pensioners rely on that steady income, of course. of course, as you mentioned, he said he is going to sell assets to continue raising capital. here's what dudley said about the new bp. >> we want to be a good corporate citizen. we want to restore our reputation, it is going to take time. we will learn from this and change many things in bp. we're going, the industry is going to learn a lot for it. i think the entire gulf of mexico industry is going to be altered by this accident. >> later on today on "the closing bell" on cnbc at 3:00 p.m. eastern time i will sit down with both gentlemen again and you can see the entire
11:30 am
interview. we will see what happens next remember investigations ongoing here in terms of settling who is responsible for this disaster. bp is named grossly negligent, the lawsuits are off. the lawsuits will pick up speed and we have already seen a number of claims against the company and that is why they took that $32 billion charge today. tamron, back to you. >> thank you, maria, very much. the judge in the trial of rod blagojevich is warning defense attorneys that he'll end their closing arguments if they don't play by the rules. what's going on there? we'll get a live report. and guess who's taking a swipe at new jersey governor christy over comments he made about the reality show "jersey shore." this is insane. we're going to connect the dots. in the meantime the kids from "squurzy shore" did ring the opening bell. reaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you
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former governor rod blagojevich will begin their closing arguments and the jury could take up the case by the end of the day. closing statements from the prosecution were overshadowed by an explosive argument between blago's defense lawyer and the judge. let's go to john yang in chicago. so, john, this has even led to the threat that i guess blago's lawyer could also end up behind bars. what is going on here? >> that's right, tamron. right now the court has just resumed and session has just resumed here. they're going through a couple housekeeping items and then sam adam jr. will begin his closing defense argument for rod blagojevich. the judge has put him on notice. sam adam wants in his closing argument to refer to witnesses that the prosecution did not call, trying to suggest that the prosecution and not as strong as the prosecution said it is. the judge said he can't do that, not evidence. not calling a witness is not
11:35 am
evidence. if you wanted that witness in the courtroom, you could have done it. so, the defense sees sam adam that if he does bring this up in his closing argument, he will sit him down and he will tell him to stop and end the defense closing argument. but, at the same time, he suggested there is a way out of this. he's told him, if you can't control yourself, bring it up at the end' so, i'll sit you down, but you'll have your argument pretty much over. so, sam adam jr. is just about to begin his closing argument and we'll see whether he can restrain himself or whether the judge does have to interrupt and sit him down, tamron. >> interesting. always something new and just perplexing in this case. thank you very much, john. greatly appreciate it. >> thanks, tamron. the number of mislabeled graves at the nation's most burial ground may be worse than we thought. last month the army reported 200 sets of remains at arlington national cemetery may have been misidentified or misplaced but
11:36 am
one said that number may actually be in the thousands' senator clare mccaskill said the army report was limited to just one small section of the cemetery. they will conduct a hearing on thursday that's investigation of the grave mix up. and a dramatic rescue in india. take a look at this video. flash flood stranded two fishermen in the northern part of india. rescuers reached the men by using a cable car over the river. the floods are from the heavy monsoon rains in the area. it is never too early to start hyping up the summer olympics two years from today the summer 2012 olympics kick off in london. nbc martin fletcher has more from london. >> tamron, the english are very upbeat about what they achieved so far with two years to go to the opening day of the olympics. today they were celebrating and they had the american athlete, the sprinter michael johnson trying out the temporary track inside the stadium on the track
11:37 am
behind me, a cyclist was trying the village room and they were putting out a message to the world today very strongly. they are ready, they are ahead of schedule and although there is talk about budget cuts because england like most of the world is in recession, the government is looking for huge spending cuts and some cuts to the olympic budget. they are saying this will be a suburb olympics. the stadium behind me, they're calling it the big boy. the stadium behind me is pretty much ready on the outside they're just finishing off the tracks inside. take about another six months and also the swimming stadium and the village room where the cyclists are running today well ahead of schedule. the mayor of london with whom i spoke today said that they're about one year ahead, but those cuts should have no dramatic effect on the olympics in london. they are asking for 80,000 volunteers from london. they're beginning that program today and they're beginning to sell tickets, already 1.4
11:38 am
million tickets are being booked ahead of time and not clear who will get those tickets, but very much a situation that london says it's all under control, don't worry about the timing, don't worry about the money. this is going to be a great olympics. that's the message, anyway, tamron. >> we'll see if the message gets through. in the meantime, speaking of messages. oliver stone is trying to change one he sent out. he's apologizing today for controversial remarks he recently made to a british newspaper. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. oliver stone, a lot of people already don't like him. >> he's already controversial to begin with and he was promoting his new film "south of the border" and give an interview to the "sunday times of london" that he made comments at worst could be considered ant anti-sumettic. in the course of this interview, oliver stone said, i think we have his accht words.
11:39 am
"hitler was a frankenstein, but there was also a dr. frankenste frankenstein. german industrialests, the americans and the british. he had a lot of support. hitler did far more damage to the russians than the jewish people." while oliver stone is now apologizing, he said that he made a "clumsy" analogy about the holocaust. i don't acall that an apology more than just justification. i didn't do a good job. i don't see how that works. oliver stone should not be on that list of people who can talk. >> okay, move on. >> exactly, moving on. yesterday there was news that wyclef jean could be running for haitian president. the deadline to enter, if you want to run as haitian president, is august 7th, i believe in haiti. he, obviously, very closely connected to haiti especially
11:40 am
since the earthquake there and his foundation has been raising money for the country for years. is he doing it or isn't he? right now no announcement and he's very dedicated to the country and when there is an announcement, we'll make one. >> would he even qualify to run? you have to live there five years. >> i believe, i believe there are some issues with his qualifications and there are guidelines about it. but he was born right outside of port-au-prince, however, he did grow up in brooklyn. >> that would be a heck of a story, president wyclef jean. >> in other political news, politicians are continuing to argue about "jersey shore," yes. >> they have nothing better to do? >> chris christie did not approve of "jersey shore." it did not perceiveinaseperceiv jerseyens in the proper light. >> interesting comments from
11:41 am
governor paterson. >> interesting comments. finally, of course, the "jersey shore" cast has officially made it. they have rung the opening bell on wall street. look at that. >> isn't this amazing? >> there's snooki. >> one of our viewers tweeted that when you were on vacation they wanted snooki to fill in for you. >> i'm not sure how i feel about that. >> also interesting how these kids have really. >> this has really gone beyond a cultural, a pop culture phenomen phenomenon. >> they're a political dialogue. >> they're a political dialogue and ringing the bell at the stock exchange. i'm at the point now where i don't even know how to make sense of it because it is nothing but a character that show. it's a fairly interpretation of the worst type of caricature. >> i was walking down fifth avenue yesterday and i saw a boy whose hair was exactly like polly d. this kid walking with his
11:42 am
parents. so, they made their -- >> stereotypes are there for a reason. these kids take it an extra step. however, it's really an amazing lesson. kudos to the producers for figuring that out early on. >> for the very latest golden news on entertainment, logon to there are some things that are considered news in the world, but a few stories around this time of the morning that make us say, no way. so oklahoma judicial candidate faces fierce political opposition from his daughter. running for olympic klain county judge. his daughter and son-in-law, listen to this, they paid for a quarter page ad highlighting cases in which mantooth has bee. he says bad blood stems from his divorce in 1981 from his daughter's mom. whatever it stems from, his daughter is out to get him. one of the tampa ray
11:43 am
pitchers threw the first no-hitter in that team's history. he allowed a walk in the top of the second inning but that batter was quickly erased on an inning ending double play. after that garza took out the next 22 batters on his way into major league record book history and i think, i don't have my count here. but this is now the fourth no-hitter or something. i herd willie geist, who is far more of an expert. it is already happening at airports around the world. no one now one airline here in the state is testing self-boarding with passengers just getting on without an agent present. is that an insane idea? we're going to talk about it with a former security. the latest developments on the search for kyron and the case that could be building.
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welcome back in today's true
11:47 am
crime a grand jury has been convened in the case of kyron horman. that 7-year-old little boy from oregon who has been missing since june 4th. the police investigation is focusing on this woman, terri horman, she's his stepmom. horman has not been named a suspect in kyron's disappearance, but kyron's biological mother and father repeatedly said that they think she's had something to do with his disappearance. the suspect in the grim sleepers killing is set to be arraigned in a los angeles courtroom today. he was arrested july 7th after dna evidence linked him to the series of killings spanning 22 years. he faces ten counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. franklin's attorney said she expects her client will plead not guilty. president obama is expected to make remarks in the white house rose garden ten minutes from now. we will bring you the president's remarks, but, first, continental airlines has started testing self-boarding.
11:48 am
that means no agent at the gate checking you in and checking your pass before you get on that plane. would a new procedure make it less safe to fly? we'll talk about it. why am i constipation? ...he's diarrhea. and our special fiber helps our probiotics so that you can show those symptoms who's in charge. this isn't even my floor. [ elevator bell dings ]
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welcome back. continental airlines is testing a new system in houston that allows passengers to board planes without showing their ticket to an actual agent t is called self-boarding it is actually pretty common in foreign countries. think of it like a subway, if you will. you take your ticket to your gate, you swipe it through a machine and then you walk right onto the plane. "usa today" broke the story and continental did not give them any comments regarding it, but a tsa agent tells the paper that it is determined that self-boarding does not make the public any less safe. the former director of security for el-al airlines is currently the president of yeffet security consultants. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> i understand you are not a fan of this idea.
11:52 am
luft tan sa has a process similar to this why is it a bad idea? >> america is the biggest target for the terrorist organizations, especially al qaeda. so, instead of moving forward in security, to have a tightened security, we prefer to go backward. why? because we don't want to interfere with the inconvenience of the passengers. >> tsa tells the "usa today" that all passengers are screened prior to arriving at their gate. already gone through the security, some places go through the now body scanner. so, you have been cleared. you should be okay at that point, right? >> no. >> okay. >> not at all. we forgot the september 11th, 19 terrorists walked through the security checkpoint that we have with. each checkpoint, one after one. >> some would make the argument our security has improved, we
11:53 am
hope it should have, greatly since then. >> is the illusion. let's face reality. we do not have security. we are looking how to save the money. we are looking how to have not interfering with the convenience -- inconvenience of the passengers. what happened in september 11th, we forgot september 11th? >> let me ask you this though, sir. if you, for example, go through the security you can the gate agent, she is only or he is only taking the ticket, bink, and then you are going on. what security does the agent provide anyway? they are not patting you down, they are not searching your bags. so, what security is that individual offering us? >> if we train this employee at the gate and it is not complicated to train her, she would look at your face, she would look how you behave. are you behaving normal? are you nervous? are you making time with somebody behind you. >> they are not doing that -- just the other day, the airline -- >> it is about time -- it is
11:54 am
about time that we move forward to tighten the security and not backward. this is what the big mistake of this country. look how many attacks this country suffered from the terrorists. take from the lockerbie, pan am, september 11th, we had the world trade center in 1993. we have 1998, the u.s. embassies in africa. how far we can go and we are willing to go to suffer attacks when we know that we are the biggest target for al qaeda. >> well, you say this is a mistake. we will see if they move forward with t your perspective is an interesting one. isaac yeffet, former director of security for el-al airlines. thank you for your time. thank you for having me. >> that does it for they this hour. i'm tamron hall. we will see you back at 2 p.m. eastern time. we will talk with senators about their calls for tougher federal anti-stalking laws.
11:55 am
joined just in the hour by espn reporter erin andrews a victim of stalking, talk about the effort. contessa brewer picks up the coverage at the top of the hour. what do you have, contessa? >> seeing something odd about -- can you put us both back up again, look at me and tamron. that's odd. we are not matching. >> odd for so many reasons. i don't want to name any. >> okay. moving on. >> yes, let's. >> president obama is expected to make remark notice white house rose garden moments from now after meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers this morning. we will have live coverage of the president's speech. a quick break and back in just three minutes. ♪
11:56 am
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good day, everybody, i'm contessa brewer, covering the big news coast to coast now. we are waiting to hear from president obama. bess to make some remarks from the white house rose garden. the podium is set up. for the past hour, he has been behind closed doors with senate and house leaders. with us are nbc's athena jones and msnbc's chief washington
11:59 am
correspondent, norah o'donnell. athena, let me begin with you what are you hearing from the white house in terms of what the president is addressing today? >> well, certainly, we know in this bipartisan meeting a lot of topics can be on the table. the president has talked recently about wanting congress to act to help small businesses. he says that these small businesses are one of the most important engines of growth and job creation in this country. he wants to see a $30 billion small business lending fund to help community banks lend to these businesses, which are still having a really hard time getting access to credit in this had economy. he wants to see tax breaks for small businesses. for instance, eliminating the capital gains tax on key investments. and so those are some of the issues this will likely came up during this meeting along with any number of other things, such as extending the bush tax cuts. this is certainly a topic the republicans want to talk about. it will be interesting to see the tone the president strikes when he comes out and speaks in a few minutes, especially because in the last few weeks and days, we have seen a lot more heated political rhetoric from the president on the campai


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